Peerfly – Affiliate Network

Identity Card

Name: Peerfly
Founded: February 2009
Headquarters: Alachua, Florida
Description: Affiliate Network
Monetization: Earns a commission on each action/sale (CPA)

Peerfly - Affiliate Network

What is Peerfly ? affiliate network (can’t link due to affiliate link policies) is a company founded in February 2009 in Florida, as such it is eligible for a serious blog post on AmericaWeb.
Peerfly offers several thousand CPA (cost-per-action) campaigns as well as some CPS (cost-per-sale) campaigns, to thousands of publishers. They serve campaigns for worldwide markets, although the vast majority concerns the US/CAN market.

Unfortunately, since Peerfly only proposes their products and services in English their worldwide reach is very limited, which is a major downside.

How does Peerfly work ?

Peerfly offers multiple advertising campaigns to their publishers, in the forms of banners or e-mail templates. The publishers can display those banners on their sites, or send them by e-mail. Once the visitors click on the ads and perform the required tasks (buy a product, fill a form, register on the site…), the editor earns a commission, and so does Peerfly.


Strong points :

  • Accessible and ergonomic design
  • Numerous and diverse offers

Weak points :

  • No multilingual solutions
  • Not enough offers for non-US markets